Hear from just a few of our clients:

Angie T. & Emma
I utilized Jenn for one on one crate training with my crate destroying, separation anxiety ridden, recently adopted stray golden retriever Emma. Jenn came to my home for the initial consultation. I scheduled 10 training sessions with her and what a difference! Fortunately, Jenn was able to work with Emma while she was boarded as well. Jenn really made me feel comfortable leaving Emma in her care. Jenn is extremely patient, thorough and caring. Emma has made significant progress due to the training and expertise Jenn provided.
Becky H. & Einstein
I have a nine year old, minimally trained, Golden Retriever who has no social skills. I also have an 80 year old mother who lives with me. My mother tripped over my Golden, broke her arm and leg, a while back, and I have been contemplating giving my dog away to a rescue group. My last hope was Jenn. She came to my home and evaluated Einey. It is amazing. After only six sessions, he is a different dog. He is following commands, going to his “spot” whenever he is in my mom’s path, and I am able to take calm walks with him. My son, who lives out of town, could not believe Einey’s great behavior, when he was visiting. Jenn deserves her own show!! I am so thankful that I am able to keep my beloved doggie and feel assured that my mom is safe from another fall. Thanks again, Jenn. You’re the best!
Paula G. & Tre
Jenn is one of the most instinctive, inventive, trainers I have had the pleasure of training with in my 20+ years experience in dogs. She is professionally experienced enough to challenge and stimulate her peers, yet can break down the elements of behavior for the first-time dog owner and student. I am very pleased and proud to recommend Jenn Stanley as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.
Angie H. & Nimbus
Training with Jenn has been an awesome experience for my family and dogs. We have learned new ways to train and build better relationships with our dogs. Training has become fun instead of a chore. Thanks so much Jenn.
Suzy W. & Lucy
Jenn is a fantastic dog trainer even when working with stubborn dogs. She is patient, consistent and knowledgeable! I highly recommend her!
Deb Dolak
Professional Trainer  - Over The Rainbow Dogs
Jenn is a certified professional dog trainer. I had the opportunity to observe Jenn’s training techniques when she enrolled her puppy in my puppy class at Over the Rainbow Dogs, LLC. Jenn didn’t need any training guidance from me at all! Jenn is a competent, positive reinforcement trainer who has the best interest of the dog and human in mind when she is training.
Mandy K. & Penny
Jenn is an excellent trainer who goes above and beyond for her students!
Judy C. & Floyd
I am very pleased with this service! Our first consultation with Awesome Pawsabilities brought remarkable results with our puppy, Floyd. Jenn and Annamarie took copious notes and listened to all my questions and concerns, then proceeded to get right to training. Jenn worked with Floyd on his impulse control and within minutes I could see improvement. We received a comprehensive training plan and are looking forward to our next session. I highly recommend Awesome Pawsabilities!
Julie S. & Toby
Jenn was terrific during initial consultation! Looking forward to working with her!
Keri M. & Bear
It is a pleasure working with Jenn and she is very knowledgeable. She has given us great tips which we are in the process of implementing.
Elizabeth C. & Cali
Jenn Stanley, the lead trainer, is a wonder! Our 10 year-old dog Cali developed worrisome defensive behaviors after she was twice attacked by another dog, and we were afraid that we might have to find a new home for her because of the behaviors. Jenn and we talked about what was going on, and she was so calm and reassuring. After meeting with Cali and us, Jenn emailed us a training plan and we got to work. We were amazed that in only 6 sessions, Cali went from lunging and barking wildly at a stuffed dog to being curious and relaxed around multiple dogs. Cali's sweet temperament is back and we can enjoy our time with her around other dogs. Jenn included our children in the dog training, so they all can confidently walk Cali. Jenn's methods never included pain, physical force, or fear, and the treats she found to motivate Cali are small enough that Cali didn't gain weight, despite heavy use of treats to encourage positive behaviors initially. If only children were this easy to train! I really enjoyed our time with Jenn and was a little sad, along with very grateful, that Cali's behavior improved so quickly since Jenn is so kind and personable.